Who Is Paul Bunyan?
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Paul Bunyan: The Legendary Lumberjack

Paul Bunyan is a legendary figure in American folklore, emblematic of the country’s logging history. He’s depicted as a giant lumberjack with superhuman strength, accompanied by his iconic companion, Babe the Blue Ox. The stories, originating from oral traditions among loggers, have evolved into a rich tapestry of tall tales that celebrate the spirit of adventure and the challenges of the American frontier. Paul is known for his exaggerated feats, such as shaping geographical features with ease, reflecting the ingenuity and perseverance of the American spirit. Over time, he has become a cultural icon, symbolizing the boundless potential for human endeavor and the importance of harmony with nature. Today, Paul Bunyan’s legacy continues to inspire, bridging historical narratives with contemporary themes and values.

RIPT is proud to have Paul Bunyan right outside of our storefront at 220 Broadway, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Here at RIPT Dispensary, we celebrate Paul Bunyan’s Birthday every year on 2/20! Starting with the very first annual birthday bash on 2/20/24 with promos and the party extending into the weekend of the 23rd! 

Paul Bunyan: From Legendary Lumberjack to Jersey City's Cannabis Pioneer

Paul Bunyan, the legendary lumberjack known for his superhuman feats and adventures, embarks on a new journey to Jersey City. With the logging era’s glory days behind him, Paul seeks adventure in new frontiers, drawn by the promise of a vibrant community and the chance to discover something entirely different.

In Jersey City, Paul encounters cannabis for the first time, a discovery that offers him an unprecedented type of strength and relaxation. A serendipitous storm introduces him to the plant, leading to a bountiful harvest that captivates his curiosity and wonder.

Seeing an opportunity to blend his love for nature with the burgeoning world of cannabis, Paul partners with RIPT Dispensary. Together, they aim to offer the highest quality cannabis, reflecting Paul’s enduring spirit and his commitment to the natural world and the well-being of the community.


Paul Bunyan’s influence extends beyond folklore and into contemporary pop culture, as evidenced by his cameo in the iconic opening credits of “The Sopranos.” This nod to Paul Bunyan not only celebrates his legendary status but also roots him firmly in the cultural fabric of New Jersey, bridging the gap between myth and modern-day relevance.

The inclusion of Paul Bunyan in “The Sopranos” opening credits and his statue being a notable stop on the New Jersey Sopranos bus tour highlight his enduring appeal and versatility as a symbol. It underscores how Paul Bunyan, much like the characters of “The Sopranos,” represents a larger-than-life presence and a complex narrative that resonates with audiences across generations.


RIPT Dispensary stands out for its commitment to quality, community involvement, and an ethos that channels the spirit of Paul Bunyan into every aspect of its operation. Here’s how:

  • Commitment to Quality: Just as Paul Bunyan never compromised on the scale and quality of his feats, RIPT ensures that every product meets the highest standards of purity and potency.
  • Community Involvement: Reflecting Paul’s legendary status as a hero of the people, RIPT actively engages with and supports the local community, contributing to a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Paul Bunyan’s Spirit: The essence of Paul Bunyan—his strength, dedication, and connection to nature—is woven into the fabric of RIPT Dispensary. From sustainable cultivation practices to the adventurous spirit that guides our product selection, Paul’s legacy is a beacon for our brand.

RIPT Dispensary isn’t just a place to purchase cannabis; it’s a destination where the legendary spirit of Paul Bunyan infuses every product and interaction, offering customers not just cannabis, but a story and experience rooted in American folklore.


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